We include the following at no additional charge. Does your company?

  • Pump and power wash greasetraps
  • Power wash baffles
  • Water jet inlet pipes
  • Work area is power washed
  • Automatic service
  • City & County reporting and field inspections at no additional cost
  • Emergency sewer line stoppage service available
  • We help reduce and eliminate expensive County surcharges
  • Early morning hours so not to interrupt your customer service

City and County regulations can be difficult to understand, and even harder to comply to. If your current maintenance company is unfamiliar with these regulations it could leave you with violations, fines, and a headache from trying to deal with it all. At All Clear Technologies, Inc. our staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional customer service. For many of our clients in Palm Beach County we have been able to stop and in some cases prevent expensive monthly surcharges. Please call us today for a free evaluation 954.722.2585.