Why Should I Regularly Maintain My Greasetrap?

Before we can answer this question it is important to understand what purpose the greasetrap serves. The greasetrap, which was first developed during WWII, has become a necessity for all establishments that serve food. A greasetrap is a passive device, required by municipalities, used to stop grease, fat, and debris from entering the
city’s sanitary system. A greasetrap also prevents the back passage of gasses from the drainage system into the building, and protects the wastewater collection system. In order for this system to work properly it must be Maintained frequently by a professional licensed maintenance company. These regular cleanings are important because:

  • Grease buildup can inhibit airflow through the kitchen
  • Grease buildup can begin to calcify inside the greasetrap and accessory lines leading to blockages and backups
  • Grease buildup can cause grease to escape into the city’s wastewater system causing sanitary blockages and backups